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Kid’s Kawaii Vegan Valentine’s Day Cards

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Vegan Valentine Day Cards for Kids

Do you need Vegan Valentines to share your message? Check out these
sweet and unique kawaii fruits and vegetables with their adorable vegan message. “Kawaii” is Japanese for cute, so here are the Kawaii Kid’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Cards for you to download for free!

Not only can you print as many copies as you need, you’ll find many other clever uses for them as well. You can stick these cute cards around the house to surprise your family – not just for Valentine’s Day, but throughout the year.

Kawaii Kid’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Cards

Here is a sample view of the Valentine’s day cards. You will be downloading a high-resolution image without the “SAMPLE” word watermarked across.

Free Valentine Day Printables for Kids

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What you need to print your Kawaii Kid’s Vegan Valentine’s Day Cards

To print your Valentines, you will need:

  • Color Printer
  • White cardstock 
    or matte photo paper
  • Scissors or paper trimmer

These cute Kawaii printable Vegan Valentines Day card designs have been formatted for letter-sized paper with 4 different illustrations on a page. It’s simple to print at full size and trim the paper into 4 separate card greetings. You have 12 different cards, enough for all your friends in class. Print as many sheets as you need so you can choose to give your personal favorite cards to your special friends.

To create the best quality Valentine’s day cards with this printable, remember to print onto card stock or matte photo paper with your printer’s highest quality setting.

If you can only print on regular copy paper, you can always glue the print-out onto thicker paper afterward, such as construction paper, if needed. You can also get crafting with your child to prepare these cards, embellish and personalize, so they will make cute sweet valentines that are handmade.

Other uses for these Vegan Valentine Cards:

  • Pair them with a sweet treat by punching a hole in the corner and tying a ribbon to a bag of sweet candy treats.
  • Use as gift tags for larger gifts
  • Create lunchbox love notes
  • Print on sticker paper to make them into sticky notes
  • Use them in your journal book, craft book, or any crafting projects where a sweet greeting is needed.

Share the Valentine Love

Are you looking forward to your Vegan Valentine’s Day now? Honestly, I hope these Kawaii Vegan Valentine’s day cards for kids will get you started with an easy DIY print-at-home solution.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate love. After all, any kind of love and goodwill should be celebrated, all through the year!

I hope these printables will help make your Vegan Valentine’s Day fun and enjoyable!

For some more inspiration on beautiful watercolor vegan valentines, check out Jasmine’s works of art here. She also provides free downloads.

More Valentine Inspiration through Delicious Meals

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Love spell scented Valentine heart-shaped bath bomb

Get a little something special for your Valentine’s Day. Get your vegan bath bomb here.

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