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How to Transition to a Vegan Diet


Changing from the standard American diet to a healthy vegan diet is not always easy. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to go vegan for beginners.

Vegan Books

Learn as much as you can. Get a good book, check out the other posts on my website, or read my book “Simply Happy Vegan”.

What are the benefits of a vegan lifestyle?


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People choose veganism for a number of reasons such as; animal welfare, the environment, and/or personal health. What does it mean to you? Why are you primarily making the change, and what do you want out of it?

What should you eat?


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Learn how to optimally nourish your body on a plant-based diet. It’s quite simple, once you start to remove the processed foods, meats and meat by-products. You will automatically feel fantastic by eating plant-based.

How to read food labels

Read labels and learn how to tell if a product contains animal products. In some cases, it is clear to see. But some others are not so easy to detect. Check out a list of non-vegan items you may see on food labels here

Well your world SOS free products

Find vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery stores


vegetables - how to transition to a vegan diet


To find vegan restaurants near you, check out Happy Cow. Most grocery stores have vegan items now. It is becoming more and more popular. But be careful not only to buy processed items. Always get fresh fruit and vegetables as well.

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Vegan Grocery List

Download a free comprehensive vegan grocery list to help you get all your vegan staples!

Add to your diet before taking away from it

Begin incorporating more whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and tofu into your diet.  Learn to cook new dishes with beans and legumes. Making a slow change may be the best way to transition to a vegan diet for you!

Start converting your favorite recipes into vegan recipes


vegetables - how to transition to a vegan diet


Change your favorite recipes to vegan and try new quick and easy vegan recipes. (ie: swap ground beef for tofu crumbles, or replace chicken with soy curls)

Switch from dairy milk to non-dairy alternatives

This one is easy. There are so many tasty non-dairy milks to try. The best alternatives are almond, soy, rice, oat, coconut, and hemp. You can even make them yourself in a blender.

Don’t be discouraged if you fail, just try again


vegetables - how to transition to a vegan diet


Find and remember your motivation to change. Don’t waver and fall back into eating a standard American diet because it’s convenient.

Keep a positive attitude

Stay positive, even when you have people around you who are questioning and challenging you. Do not doubt yourself, and what you are doing. 

What’s your transition plan for changing to a vegan diet?


vegetables - how to transition to a vegan diet


Begin planning your transition. Will you start quickly, or slowly? Plan which day you will start. Get your menu ready for that day or for the week ahead. You can choose to slowly phase out the animal products while replacing them with plant-based products, one at a time, over a period of time. Or you can choose to remove all animal products at once. 

Give Meatless Monday a try


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Try doing Meatless Monday, or vegan lunches to make the transition easier. By choosing to not eat meat on a given day, or every day at lunch, you will get into a healthy habit. You may notice that it’s not that difficult, and you will truly enjoy the health benefits. 

Do vegans have cravings?


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Don’t quit because you have trouble giving up one thing like cheese for example. These cravings will go away, but in the meantime, try to satisfy your cheese cravings with this awesome cheese sauce.

Should I transition to a vegan diet with convenience foods?

It’s OK to eat vegan convenience foods in moderation. Remember they are highly processed – high in salt, oil, and sugar. They may make your transition easier, but not necessarily healthier.  

17 ways to transition to a vegan diet

Help me change to a vegan diet


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Join a group for support through Facebook or other social media for optimal success. You will be surrounded by people at all stages of the vegan journey. They will encourage you to succeed and help you when you feel stuck. Join me on facebook!

Vegan Subscription Boxes

Try a vegan subscription box service to help you with your transition. You can have a regular delivery of snacks or delicious vegan meals right to your door! 

Resources to help change to a vegan diet

Watch good documentaries, such as Forks over Knives or listen to podcasts about animal agriculture and plant-based diets.

Also, check out Patti’s great tips on Healthy Eating on a Budget, where she incorporates how to buy in-season produce and when to buy organic.

Take it one day at a time


vegetables - how to transition to a vegan diet


Every little bit counts, don’t get overwhelmed. Take the transition at your own pace and know that you are moving in the right direction. Accept mistakes and keep moving forward.

You can change to a vegan diet!

You can do it. It is safe and healthy. If you have any doubts, get involved with a vegan community or find a vegan doctor to talk about it. I’m so glad I changed my way of eating. My only regret is not doing it sooner. 

Why do people go vegan anyway? If you need reasons, check out my post 9 Reasons to go Vegan.


Denise has been vegan since 2017 and in that time, has veganised her life. Her passion is helping others do the same. She has published a vegan guidebook entitled “Simply Happy Vegan” and writes about everything to do with a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

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