Do you want your kids involved in the kitchen without stress or mess?

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I help BOMS "busy moms", show their kids how to be self-sufficient in the kitchen, without a mess, so that BOMS can have extra time for themselves!

Getting my kids involved in the kitchen sounds great, but I just don't know where to start!

We will help teach your kids how to cook with a proven 4-step process

4 stages of learning

Why cook with kids?

Kids in the Kitchen Guide

A fun and easy activity and recipe booklet to guide kids through practical kitchen tasks with detailed tracking sheets and learning systems that will turn them into confident and independent mini-chefs! ​

Kids in the Kitchen beginner e-Book

One happy "BOM" said...

Trying to teach your children how to cook can feel like you are embarking on a mission without a guidebook. This activity book gave me the map, compass, and it gave my little sidekick motivation! Now every time I am in the kitchen, she runs in and asks if she can help so she can mark something off in her book.
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About the author

Denise has a passion for helping you get your kids cooking in the kitchen without the stress and mess. She believes that teaching kids to cook delicious healthy foods is an essential life skill that is missing in many families today!

E-mail: denise@mylifediversions anytime for questions and ongoing support in your teaching journey!

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