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Simply Happy Vegan E-Book


Great guidebook for new or veteran vegans.

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In this guide, you will understand the benefits of going vegan, and pinpoint your specific reasons for doing so. You will be equipped to respond to any questions that non-vegans throw your way. You will have a guidebook at your fingertips, touching on all aspects of being vegan, that will help you when you are feeling stuck or uncertain. In this guide, you will find out that changing to a vegan lifestyle will offer you some pretty awesome benefits.

Renews your confidence in your new or existing vegan lifestyle and helps you thrive. It helps you deal with non-vegan cravings of meats, and cheese. It helps you understand the nutrition, environmental and animal side of veganism so you will also be able to answer many difficult questions. It helps you deal with difficult situations, from uncomfortable family gatherings to traveling and staying vegan.


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