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Fast and Easy Plant-Based Meals for Fall

Back to School Vegan Meals

It’s back-to-school season and we are all busy getting in a new routine after a full summer off school. Purple Carrot offers delicious plant-based meals delivered right to your door! You have 15 single-serve options to choose from every week and the menu can be found HERE.  

Fall is my favorite season, and with that, I’ve compiled “23 Delightful Vegan Instant Pot Recipes” here for those who like to get everything in a pot and forget about it.

Do you have more pumpkins or squash than you know what to do with? Check out my “Cheap and Easy Vegan Meals Using One Large Pumpkin” for pumpkin soup, burgers, jambalaya, mousse and muffins.

Why should I Get a Vegan Meal Delivery Subscription?

Try new vegan foods

Try meals you would never make for yourself. Time restraint, fatigue, missing ingredients, or just plain motivation to try something new are all causes for us to get stuck in a rut and eat the same boring meals. There are 15 single-serving meal options to choose from every week and the menu for the week can be found HERE.

Dinner Time Saver

How many times have you run home from work, errands and picking up the kids to find yourself tired and having to get dinner ready?  These meals only take 5 minutes to heat up and can be stored in the fridge, ready to eat any time!

Easy Meal Planning

Most of your meals for the week will be taken care of already, without a need to plan for them. If you are a planner and prepper, this will make your life so much easier, and save you more time again! It is so convenient, you can take the individual portion with you if you are on the go!

Money Saver

How can a meal delivery service save me money?

You don’t have to buy all the ingredients to make a meal and have waste. (some ingredients are a one time use and then you don’t know what to do with it, or forget about it, so it ends up going bad or forgotten in your pantry)

You will have less grocery shopping to do, and less often as well. This is a large savings as we always spend more than we need when we go to the store!

Healthy Eating

These plant-based meals are very healthy and nutritious and may also lower your risk of diabetes. Every Purple Carrot meal has been clinically proven to help people lose weight and lower LDL cholesterol – in just 4 weeks.

Great meals should be easy to make, taste delicious, provide a variety of nutrition through vegetables and other ingredients, and also for me, at least, be vegan and plant-based.

Purple Carrot achieves all these goals. I highly recommend Purple Carrot as a leading all-vegan and plant-based meal delivery service.

Purple Carrot is a plant-based meal service that makes it easy to cook new and inspiring vegan meals. They bring plant-based eating into the mainstream, ultimately improving health, the environment, and animal welfare.

If you love vegan and plant-based subscription boxes, check out my post on The Ultimate List of Vegan Subscription Boxes. You will find boxes for everything:

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